Thursday, 20 July 2017


Today at Bright Future School we slowed things down a bit,  having individual reading sessions with the children. It still astonishes me how brilliant their English is, and how absorbed they become in the books. But not all of these books were fairytale stories, as many were about the awareness of HIV and AIDS which is a common disease in Uganda. It was good to see the children educated in this very real issue, but also heartbreaking to see the normality of it amongst students as young as 10. I am proud of bright future for understanding the importance of spreading this message to the children, and proud of the children for being able to understand and accept this so maturely. I really enjoyed being able to experience their learning and developing of the English language and important issues with them.

Having taught the students and teachers at Bright Future School Bench Ball this week, we thought it was about time to really show them how it was done. It was a sight to behold as the sports area was flooded with students as the staff of Bright future School were preparing to take on Team Uganda 2017.
The determination of the staff was amazing to see, with Headteacher William leading the competitive charge! Having discussed tactics briefly, the match began. The roars of the students whenever either team scored were so motivating! After some questionable decisions in favour of the staff, it was safe to say that we were left in the dirt! The pitch was then swamped with students coming over to congratulate us on our performance and say 'good game' to us. The power of sport and being part of a community was blatantly obvious and an experience that I will never forget. We may have lost the match, but tomorrow we are fielding teams in Bench Ball, volleyball and dodgeball. All I can say is, bring it on and watch this space...never has there been a Stoke Park victory in Uganda, but 2017 could be the year that this all changes! Wish us luck!

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