Monday, 17 July 2017

Monday in school

The morning began at 6:30 to leave and take supplies to the school. The day was to be spent teaching new sports -dodgeball and bench ball,  teaching science teachers how to do practical experiments, teaching phonics to the nursery add primary 1 teachers and producing and directing plays in the afternoon,  some with scripts and some inventing their own. First challenge -dodgeball. It took a few minutes to explain the instructions and demonstrate the techniques of the game. Although we had a slight barrier when it came to speaking to the kids we spoke slowly yet some of the teachers had to translate the instructions, one teacher said " We're African, you need to speak slowly!!". But when we actually got into the games the kids were full of energy and enthusiasm but in the end some of the smaller children still didn't get the hang of the rules. Even when we would tell them they are out in the next second they are running straight into the match!~faith

We taught the science teachers including the Head teacher soever simple science experiments using everyday items or items that can be bought from the local market. The teachers were so happy to learn about the experiments, they were like the children in the classroom! They wanted to learn the science behind the experiments and what it could be used for later on in life. We hope to see that the teachers will be able to inspire the children to practice science and enjoy it even more and aspire to become future scientists who could make ground breaking discoveries to change the world.~faith

Well after a 7am start, the determination of the children of Bright Future and their enthusiasm in the games of dodgeball and bench ball definitely lifted our spirits! Although it took a few minutes to explain the rules of both sports, it's clear that there are future athletes amongst the school that will be appearing on our television in the next 10 years.(even though they didn't get the idea of standing still when they've received the ball) Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to coach the dodgeball but bench ball was very exciting; there were very impressive throwing skills-especially when there was only one left on a team. Competition began to grow when "We are the winners and you are the losers" was yelled our their mouths... let's just say there won't be smiling faces of adoration towards the opposite team tomorrow. Perhaps aggression and looks of triumph! ~Prianka

The morning at Bright Future School was filled with theories and science experiments as well as teaching.  In the beginning the idea of having to teach experiments to teachers as well as the science behind the experiments was very daunting and out of my comfort zone; but it wasn't until we began to do the experiments that the fear left and that we all started to enjoy ourselves. The teachers had almost became the students and we interacting and learning and most importantly enjoying even the simplest baking soda and vinegar experiment; it was one of the most interesting experiences I've had so far... especially being left to teach an experiment by myself. I think that the best part was the fun that we had during the experiments... the best one had to be the lung capacity experiment where the teachers had to blow into a straw that was inside a bottle filled with water and had to breathe into the straw. The competitiveness especially with the headteacher William is something I won't be forgetting. But the experiments with felt tips and Chromatography or showing that a lime without the rind will float or even releasing balloons with air on starts on a line to see which shaped balloon would move the fastest; not only were they great to do but also made me realise how even the most basic things that we may show can have a massive impact. I'm hopeful and excited for tomorrow when the teachers will be teaching the students the experiments and hope they have just as much fun.


This afternoon we all split into pairs and had a group of kids each. We wanted to give the kids an opportunity to be creative in a different way then they are used to so we created plays with them. At first I thought that creating a story and acting it out would be difficult for them but I was amazed at home quick they got involved. There enthusiasm was contagious.  Their ideas and Input were so detailed I barely had to help them. My group created a play about a royal family that invited the whole village to a party except for one man who had bad manners and how he changes himself for the better. I was glad that whilst being creative we could also instill in the kids morals and the importance of respect for other people, although they don't really need it as they are all so lovely. I was shocked at how little time it took them to remember their lines and was so proud at how in just a few short hours their English pronunciation improved.  Seeing the light in their eyes when they made it through a scene was so rewarding. I felt honoured to introduce them to something new and see their confidence and personalities shine. I can't wait to continue adding to the play and see them perform in front of the school and their parents so their talent and hard work can be shared.

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