Friday, 21 July 2017


As we prepared for the day ahead the team was ready to go for their group plays and the last day at Bright Future School. The eventful day left a majority of the team in tears and heartache as we drove away from the school. We made the journey to the school for the final time which stirred up emotions before the day had even began.  We settled in to watch the plays we had prepared in our respective pairs and once they had finished, and Mr William had his final say, the team began to feel the emotions kick in, with tears flooding from both the Stoke Park team and the children and staff at Bright Future School. Admittedly, as Lewis, I was the first one to crack as all of us were taken to the front and faced with their overwhelming gratitude. Whilst being awarded some certificates, we were greeted by the teachers of the school who could not have been any nicer or kept us happy any better throughout the entire week. The care and the gratitude continued to show through the rest of the day, causing rivers over tears and crowds of smiling faces. Trisha

When we woke up this morning we all realised that this day was going to be emotional. However, I had no idea how emotional it was going to get. The eventful day started off with performing our plays that we have all worked so hard to perfect in the last week. As the last play came to an end I felt my eyes fill up but I held it back. We then had to stand up and accept our awards for winning the sports yesterday. As this was happening a little girl called Esther ran up and gave me a hug. This was when I cried a lot. I wasn't aware on how much I was going to cry. Getting on the bus was a lot harder. All the kids came over to us all and gave us hugs and notes. Most of the kids at Bright Future School started to cry which made it a lot worse for me. Leaving the school was so hard but it makes me and the rest of the team happy as we have left the children as much as we could. We taught them new sports, science practicals and hand games to make there school life more interesting. I wish all the pupils there a very bright future.

Friday 21st, the shortest day of the trip. Not because of time, even though it wasn't on our side, but because of the events which passed. In fact, it literally felt like how I have written this. We woke, we bathed, we ate and we were on the bus. I was able to take in the Ugandan scenery we had been encountering for the past week better as I knew it was the last time we would be taking this journey. It's a contrast of mahogany and green. The bare soil in one area followed by the lush green grass in another. The green bananas and cassava leaves on the villagers brown skins as they make their way to the market. Even though it was 8 in the morning the market and streets were rampant with vendors, men building, children playing and gazing and mothers washing clothes. The increase in this indicated that we were at the Bright Future School gates.
We sat in the library then mingled with the teachers whilst putting final touches on our props ahead of the plays they would be performing that afternoon. Trisha and I called a meeting with our group and allocated them with costumes. The final run through was the best performance they had given, they were confident and added their own style. We were then being rushed in front of the stage and into a hectic. The music was blaring and the children were being rushed on and off stage. We blinked and it was over. We were then being credited for all the work we had done and witnessing children crying. I thought to myself "why are they crying, it's still early?" But then I blinked again and were were outside the library herded by children at our feet, giving us an abundance of letters and hugs. I cried even though I said I wouldn't.
So that was the day through my view, short and bittersweet. To leave it on a positive note the experience only bettered and help to stabilise my plans for my future. The relationships and bonds I have created at Bright Future School are unbreakable. I am assured that I will never forget their faces.

During breakfast,  there were definitely quiet faces sitting at the tables which meant that it was the dreaded day: the last day at Bright Future School. Although,  it also meant the long awaited performance of the students plays which not only bought a smile to the parents and staff of the school, but also myself because I saw a difference in personality and character of the kids from the first day I met them to today; it's truly amazing . All the plays were absolutely fabulous and was accompanied by teacher William who bought the life and soul of the party today. It's going to be difficult not hearing his loud personality when we go but the performances are memories that I'm never going to forget.
After the plays, it was time to say goodbye to the kids . I knew I was going to cry but little did I know I was going to be knee deep in a flood. Hugging the kids bought a stream of tears but the amount of care, kindness and generosity the people of bright future gave to us was the reason I was surrounded by a waterfall . Uganda 2017 was absolutely amazing and is a trip where I've learned so much about the children as well as my self . I'm never going to forget them and I'm going to miss them very very much! ~ Prianka

Today was the most emotional day by far. It was a great honour to create such an impact on the way bright future teach as well as making science fun. The happiness that was the atmosphere of the school and the parents that attended was amazing. Some of the children in P4 were able to be in a play lead by me and Charlie it was such great fun to teach them and  then see how well they preformed in the little time they knew about the play. That is the way the children preformed was amazing. When some children came on doing the experiments the audience became so intrigued by what the children were doing and the children had amazing reactions to the experiments. I was so proud of the way the children all wanted to say good by later on. Some of the kids wouldn't let go and asked if we could take them with them. The kids swarmed us as we made our way to the bus hugging us asking if we would ever forget them. In all honesty this experience is something that I could never forget. Especially the kids and their enthusiasm and passion to learn. I know that as I left bright future I left part of myself with them. Thank you to everyone that supported us and bright future to get this opportunity. Thank you bright future I will miss all of you but you'll never be forgotten!!  ~ Faith

Even with all the excitement for the day ahead, the thought of saying our goodbyes was on everyone's minds at breakfast this morning. As amazing as the week has been, leaving the children and staff today was far from easy, which became all too obvious with half the team in tears before lunch! I'm extremely proud of myself and everyone else for what we have managed to achieve this week, combing sport,science,reading and drama in such a short space of time and very successfully too. I'm also proud of the teachers and children for taking this on with enthusiasm and a strong willingness to learn and develop. The impact that can be had at Bright Future in just 5 days is unbelievable, and everyone has played a massive and important part in this. As much as the point of our visit is to help and give to people less fortunate than us, it still doesn't fail to amaze me just how much they give back to us. A part of me will always be with bright future, and I'm honoured to have had this wonderful opportunity again. ~ Emily

Today was our last day at Bright Future School and by far the most emotional. Although I knew it would be hard to leave nothing could prepare me for the countless emotions I was feeling. The day started off with each class performing there plays in front of students, teachers and parents. I was so proud at each and every one of the students who participated and realised that we weren't the only ones out of our comfort zones this week. The kids had never done drama before and seeing them shine and have fun whilst doing it was truly magical. The school gave us certificates and held thankyou speeches for our work. In my opinion there the ones that need thanking. For me what we did is so small in comparison to what they do day in and day out. Looking out at the crowd of beautiful and smart kids made me fill with tears and made me realise that I get to go back to my life whilst these kids have to continue to fight and overcome the many obstacles in their life. The last few hours was spent just playing with the kids and saying our goodbyes. I didn't want to leave especially when every child gave us each a hug, there loving attitude truly warms my heart. In such a short time I have gotten so used to seeing their smiles everyday and having my spirits lifted. I hope that they remember us all and everything about this week as I know I will never forget them. Although today was sad and hard I will carry bright future school in my heart always and truly believe that this week will leave an impact on the school and our team forever. -casey

Writing this blog, I wonder how the best way to describe today would be... should I write about how each previous moment left on our last day with the children at Bright Future School left us all in tears or how, regardless of everything,  we remain proud of how each step we have taken will have some sort of lasting impact on the children at the school. The fact is... there is no way to describe today. It is that idea of almost knowing that leaving Uganda and Bright Future School is the best option we have; and yet we all still leave a part of us in the school whilst knowing that it is the best thing to do. Admittedly, we would all love to stay with the children or even take some of them with us... but it's almost as if by only visting the school for a short experience keeps the 'magic' and 'excitement' with this all. all of us leave bright future school feeling grateful and blessed of how such as small experience has had an enormous and everlasting effect upon us; how it changes our perceptions and ideas that we take with us to the future. I only wish that everybody could have an experience that I have fortunately been able to have... and I will forever remain grateful to everyone at Bright Future for providing me with this experience.

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